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I am a prolific collector of objects, art, belongings and materials.  On any given day I will be making the rounds of the thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales of Los Angeles and surrounding areas, sorting through boxes and shelves filled with the cast-off treasures of people's lives. These forgotten items are the sources for the photographs, dioramas and artwork that I create. They acquire new identities in the reimagined roles that I assign them, a reconstruction that ranges from delicate to grotesque, from innocent to malevolent.  

My history in the animation industry reflects the path I've taken towards my most recent work. I've been an animation director, co-creator, art director, storyboard artist and held other roles for companies as diverse as seminal San Francisco studio Colossal Pictures to entertainment giant Walt Disney Co.  

I was born and raised in the Philadelphia, PA area and have lived in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles, CA.  I graduated with a Bachelor Of Fine Arts from Philadelphia College Of Art.

Recent photography exhibitions include the Snap To Grid group show in December 2017 and the Electron Salon group show in March 2018 at the Los Angeles Center For Digital Arts.

Photo by Erin Davis:

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